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All our ciders and perries are made using local cider and perry fruits from Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire. This was recognised in May of 2003 when Orchard’s Cider and Perry Co was the first cider maker in Gloucestershire to be awarded with a PGI certificate (Protection of Geographical Indication Certificate of Conformity) by Herefordshire Environmental Health & Trading Standards Service for Gloucestershire Perry, Gloucestershire Dry, Medium and Sweet Cider.

What is PGI?

a) A Geographical Indication means the name of an area used to describe a food originating from that area, having the quality and characteristics attributable to that area and / or to production in that area.

b) Protected means the name is legally protected against misuse, imitation, false or misleading indication, even if qualified by terms such as style

c) It is similar to terms such as Appellation Controlee used to describe wine.

The cider apples and perry pear fruit used, (the majority of which is hand picked), comes from local orchards which have old traditional "full standard" trees. The fruit is sorted and washed before pressing; in addition the perry fruit is macerated. The juice is then allowed to ferment either on its own or with some assistance, depending on the volume and/or type of juice. After fermentation the juice is racked off into fresh stainless steel tanks or oak barrels and allowed to mature.

PRODUCTS: (Subject to availability)



6.1% abv Medium Cider.

** Great Taste Award 2017 ** 2 Stars

Our most popular cider made up of a blend of red cider apple varieties, creating a smooth still cider with a good apple flavour and nose. This medium cider has won many awards over the years.

Available in:

500ml Bottles - Lightly Carbonated 

1000ml Demijohns - Still


Orchards Dry Cider - 500ml Bottle

6.1% abv


Blended from traditional cider apples.

Orchards Cider Selection Triple Bottle Box

Three 500ml Bottles of Fine Cider

1 x Orchards Dry Cider - Still

1 x Wye Cider - Medium Lightly Sparkling

1 x Wye Wander - Medium Sweet Cider - Lightly Sparkling.

WYE WANDER - Sparkling Cider 500 ml Bottle

5.6% abv.

Medium - Sweet Cider

Lightly carbonated

Blended from traditional hand picked cider apples.

WYE WANDER - STILL Cider 1 ltr Demi Johns


Medium-Sweet - STILL Cider

Blended from tradional cider apples.

WYE WOBBLE Still Cider - Demi Johns - OUT OF STOCK

7.9% abv

Medium - Dry Still bottled cider.



Cider Vinegar

Natural cider vinegar , unfiltered or pasturised  matured in oak barrels for two to fours years.

available in

250 ml Bottles

500 ml Bottles





Natural Perry Pear Vineagr

Natural Perry Pear Vinegar, unfiltered or pasturized and will contain mother. matured over several years.

available in:

250 ml Bottles

500 ml Bottles


Traditional Dry Cider - Draught

7.2% abv. Dry Cider

A traditionally blend of cider with fine tannins creating a strong character. The addition of a little sugar at the packaging stage helps created a very smooth drink.

This is not a bone dry cider.

Available in 5 ltr,10ltr and 20 ltr Bag in boxes.

Wye Wobble - Cider - OUT OF STOCK

7.9% abv

Traditional cider made of bitter sweet cider apples.

Medium Sweet or Medium Dry

Available in 5, 10 & 20 ltr Bag in Box

or 5 Gallon Polybarrels


WYE CIDER - Medium

6.1% abv.

This medium cider is made up of a blend popular cider apples.  

available in:- 

10 & 20 ltr Bag in Box

5 Gallon Polybarrels.

WYE WANDER - Sweet Cider - Draught

5.6 Abv.


5, 10 & 20 Ltr Bag In Box

5 Gallon Polybarrels

Kingston Black - Draught Cider


6.9% abv

Cider - New this season

Classic single variety dry cider, Full of flavour.


Cider Vinegar

Natural Cider Vinegar mattured in Oak barrels over a two - four year period

2.5 Ltr Plastic cans

5.0 Ltr Plastic Cans

5, 10 or 20 Ltr Bag in Boxes


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